The News Matrix: Friday 28 June 2013


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Costly essentials are 'hurting' the low paid

Single Britons need to earn at least £16,850 a year to enjoy a "minimum" standard of living, a study has claimed. Everyday costs have risen by a quarter since the start of the downturn, meaning retired couples need £19,400 a year. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation said: "The spiralling cost of essentials is hurting low-income families."

Bombing suspect to face death if guilty

The surviving Boston Marathon bombing suspect has been charged with 30 counts, including using a weapon of mass destruction and bombing a place of public use, resulting in death. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, faces a life in prison or the death penalty if found guilty.

Woman arrested in Forrest investigation

Police have arrested a woman over allegations the disgraced ex-teacher Jeremy Forrest persuaded his 15-year-old lover to change her story at his trial. A 35-year-old woman was arrested Tuesday during an investigation into claims a third-party helped the two make contact while he was on remand.

Cyber attacks linked to 'DarkSeoul gang'

A hackers network dubbed the "DarkSeoul gang" has been linked to cyber attacks on South Korea, with the latest assault earlier this week. Analysts at the US computer security firm Symantec said it had evidence of a group of up to 50 members, but had not traced any identities.

Rise in number of cyclists killed

The number of cyclists killed on Britain's roads last year increased by 10 per cent to 118, figures released by the Department for Transport show. The number of cyclists seriously injured also rose last year, by 4 per cent to 3,222.

Daft Punk get lucky with million-seller

The No 1 hit "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk has sold more than a million downloads in only 69 days. Only 135 other tracks have passed that barrier in the UK since records began 60 years ago. The track's writer, Nile Rodgers, said: "To have this ubiquitous record, that is a hit everywhere – it's amazing to me."

Chefs forced to show 'homemade' signs

Thousands of French restaurants serving up mass-produced boeuf bourguignon and potato gratin as if lovingly prepared from scratch by in-house chefs may soon be exposed by law. French parliament voted yesterday to force restaurants to identify meals prepared on the premises with a "homemade" label.

Internet trolls are bored, not malicious

Trolls who dole out abuse online aren't acting out of malice – they're just bored, the first major study into "cyber bullying" has found. Dr Claire Hardaker, of Lancaster University, studied almost 4,000 cases involving claims of online "trolling". She said trolls act from feelings of power, amusement, boredom and revenge.

NASA satellite to explore solar wind

NASA was preparing to launch a satellite to observe a little-studied region of the sun between its surface and atmosphere. Iris will spend two years staring at the glowing white ring visible during eclipses. The aim is to learn more about solar wind and to better predict space weather. The mission will cost $182m (£120m).

For sale: fag ends of the famous

Singer Pete Doherty's new money-making idea is selling the butts of cigarettes smoked by his famous pals. The former Libertines frontman told NME he wants to set up a Camden Market stall selling "all kinds of s***", including the cigarette ends of Kate Moss, Amy Winehouse and Primal Scream singer Bobby Gillespie.