The News Matrix: Friday 6 January 2012


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Lib Dems lose three in four of voters

Only one in four people who supported the Liberal Democrats at the last election would vote the same way now, according to a YouGov poll. One in four of those who backed Nick Clegg have switched allegiance to Labour and a further 25 per cent are "don't knows". MORE

Breast scare firm also made testicles

The French company that made breast implants with a cheap industrial-grade silicone also made silicone testicles and chest implants for men, former employees claim. Doctors in Britain said the scandal had exposed the risk of allowing private companies into the healthcare market.

Hague: release more political prisoners

Foreign Secretary William Hague marked a milestone visit to Burma by promising the regime that further democratic reform and the release of political prisoners could transform its relationship with the West. MORE

No Republican may be strong enough

As the runners for the Republican nomination brace for the primary elections starting with New Hampshire, Frank Luntz, one of the party's most respected pollsters, has said Mitt Romney will win the nomination, but will struggle to unseat Barack Obama. MORE

Calls for Mubarak to get death penalty

Prosecutors in the trial of Hosni Mubarak demanded the ousted President be executed on charges of complicity in killings of protesters. The chief prosecutor Mustafa Suleiman said the 83-year-old deposed leader was responsible for the deaths. MORE

72 die in bombings aimed at Shias

A wave of bombings targeting Shia Muslims in Iraq killed at least 72 people yesterday, deepening sectarian tensions that exploded just after the last US troops left the country in mid-December. The co-ordinated attacks bore the hallmarks of Sunni insurgents linked to al-Qa'ida, although no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attacks. MORE

Councils ignore Gove holiday plans

The Education Secretary's call for schools to cut their long summer holidays are being ignored by local authorities. A survey by i showed that only Nottingham plans to change in line with Michael Gove's proposals. MORE

Man charged with woman's murder

A 19-year-old man has appeared in court charged with the murder of Kirsty Treloar, 20, found dead in her car. Myles Fraser Williams, from East London, spoke only to confirm his name in court.

Higher speed limit would raise deaths

Public health experts have criticised the Government's plans to change the speed limit to 80mph. The increase would lead to a 20 per cent rise in deaths on the road, according to research in the British Medical Journal. MORE

Real ‘War Horse’ to attend premiere

The real star of Steven Spielberg’s new blockbuster War Horse will trot down the red carpet this weekend. The thoroughbred, called Joey, will be taken to Leicester Square, London, for the film’s Royal Premiere on Sunday.

Apple threatens 'Jobs' doll suit

An action figure, which costs $99 and bears a resemblance to the late Apple boss Steve Jobs, right, has landed its makers, Chinese firm In Icons, with a possible legal action from the computing giant.

Fashion firm says 'sorry' over nude pic

Mail order retailer La Redoute has apologised for using an image of children advertising beachwear with a naked man standing in the background. The firm said on Twitter it is doing "what is necessary to remove it" after the photo went viral online.

Cape crusader, 84, fails yet again

An 84-year-old American on his seventh attempt to sail alone around Cape Horn was rescued from his 32ft yacht by a Japanese ship after he sent out a distress signal. Thomas Louis Corogin is in good health and was waiting to be picked up the Chilean navy yesterday.

Girl, 7, who spoke Tian Tian's language

Tian Tian the panda has been treated to a visit from a girl who offered to keep her company by speaking Chinese. Tian Tian Brunton, 7, from the Scottish Borders, was so excited by the arrival of the rare bears at Edinburgh Zoo that she wrote a letter to say what they had in common.

Mistletoe Cam love target does a runner

A budding Lothario was left red-faced after he proposed to his girlfriend live at a basketball game in California on one of their so-called Mistletoe Cams. Sadly, the target of his affections turned him down in front of hundreds of fans, and made a drastic run for the arena's exit.