The News Matrix: Friday 7 June 2013


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Prince Philip is admitted to hospital

The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to hospital for an exploratory operation on his abdomen yesterday. Prince Philip is expected to remain at the London Clinic for up to two weeks. He was admitted to hospital shortly after attending an afternoon garden party at Buckingham Palace. A Palace spokeswoman said: “He is in very good health.” The Prince will be 92 on Sunday.

Men sue over Boston bombing article

Two men labelled by the New York Post as “Bag Men” after the Boston Marathon bombing have sued the newspaper for libel. The Post reported investigators were seeking Salaheddin Barhoum, 16, and Yassine Zaimi, 24, hours before the FBI released photos of the actual suspects.

Roache charged with indecent assaults

Coronation Street actor William Roache has been charged with five counts of indecent assault involving four girls aged 12 to 16. The 81-year-old was arrested yesterday after attending a police station by appointment.  He was bailed to appear at Preston Magistrates’ Court today.

Residents battle flood waters

Students, pensioners and housewives are desperately fighting back floods in the east German town of Halle, the birthplace of Handel, as rising waters  spread through central Europe. The floods have killed 16 people, displaced tens of thousands and caused damage worth billions of euros.  MORE

Manson follower’s parole bid fails

A parole panel refused a bid by former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten to be released,  44 years after she took part in the LaBianca murders. The board said she had failed to explain how someone so intelligent could have committed the “cruel and atrocious” killings.

Contestants to cover up with sarongs

There will be no bikinis at this year’s Miss World contest in Indonesia for fear of upsetting hard-line Muslim groups. Organisers said contestants will instead wear traditional long sarongs. Adjie Soeratmadjie, of the show’s Indonesian broadcaster, RCTI, said hopefuls would have to “respect our traditional customs and values”.

Launch of 4G could ruin television signal

Millions of families could face TV interference in the coming weeks as mobile phone firms turn on thousands of 4G masts. Super-fast phone services are launching in London before a nationwide roll-out, but there is potential for disruption as three operators will use 4G signals on similar frequencies to Freeview. MORE

Greedy gannets ‘like caring and sharing’

They are associated with gluttony but a study of gannets has shown that the seabirds respect the feeding grounds of other gannets by abiding by a strict code of conduct that prevents them from taking fish. The research, published in Science, found that when gannets feed at sea they stick to their own colony’s territory.

Chicken dropping ‘war’ on homeless 

A local authority in Abbotsford has apologised after dumping chicken droppings in an attempt to drive away homeless people. The ploy came to light when homeless activist James Breckenridge wrote a column about it on the Abbotsford Today website. He said the city has been waging an “ongoing war on the homeless”.