The News Matrix: Monday 08 July 2013


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‘Most wanted’ mafia cocaine boss jailed

A mafia boss, described as Europe’s most wanted drug trafficker, has been jailed in Italy after being captured in Colombia. Roberto Pannunzi, 65, connected by blood and marriage to the Calabrian ’Ndrangheta clan, was one of the world’s main cocaine importers.  MORE

Chiefs told to look into abuses of power

All police forces will today be ordered to investigate whether undercover officers have abused their power following growing evidence of misconduct. Damian Green, the Policing Minister, will tell chief constables that “unpalatable truths” must not remain hidden.

Tories to fight plans for ‘mansion tax’

The Conservatives are preparing an aggressive counterattack against Labour and Liberal Democrats plans for a “mansion tax”, after new Treasury calculations found that wealthy householders would face an average annual demand of more than £35,000.

Bombs kill police officer in Shia village

Two attacks in Shia-majority villages have left one police officer dead and three others injured. A bomb exploded at the police station in Sitra, killing one officer, while three police were injured in a petrol bomb. Some 60 people have died since pro-democracy protests broke out in 2011.

Perry to deliver Reith Lectures

Grayson Perry, the cross-dressing potter best known for winning the Turner Prize in 2003, is to delivering a series of Reith Lectures. Perry will use the four lectures to reflect on the future of art. 

Abu Qatada faces charges in Jordan

Abu Qatada has denied plotting al-Qa’ida inspired terror attacks at a court in Jordan after a near-decade long battle to deport the radical cleric finally saw him board a plane out of Britain. Under cover of darkness, the 53-year-old was escorted by Scotland Yard police officers on to a private flight from RAF Northolt, in west London, in the early hours of yesterday morning.

One in 10 children admits drinking 

At least one in every 10 children in their final year of primary school admits that they have drunk alcohol in the last week, a poll suggests. New research found that 13 per cent of 10 or 11-year-old boys and  10 per cent of girls the same age said they had consumed an alcoholic beverage in the last seven days.

Search for missing after train explosion

Rescue workers are still looking for missing people after a runaway train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in the small Quebec town of Lac-Mégantic. At least five people were confirmed dead yesterday, with about 40 still missing. The fire caused by the explosion continued to burn last night.

Men trapped in tree by Sumatran tigers

Five men in Indonesia have been trapped up a tree for three days by snarling Sumatran tigers. The tigers already mauled their friend to death after they accidentally killed a tiger cub. Rescuers are on their way but could take days to arrive.

Accordionist pops to top of the charts

Pop hits made famous by Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have topped the classical charts. Lithuania’s Got Talent winner Martynas Levickis arranged the songs for accordion on his number one classical album.

Women in twenties keep their names

A third of married women in their twenties are now choosing to keep their own surname, according to research by Facebook. Some 62 per cent of 20-somethings take their husband’s name, compared to 74 per cent of married women in their thirties and 88 per cent in their sixties.

Product warning  over skin allergies

A chemical found in cosmetic and household cleaning products may be causing an epidemic of skin allergies, dermatologists warn. A special meeting is to be held at the British Association of Dermatologists’ annual conference in Liverpool this week to address the findings.