The News Matrix: Monday 5 November 2012


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Observe two-minute silence online

Facebook and Twitter users are being encouraged to observe Remembrance Sunday's two-minute silence with the use of an app, Thunderclap, which allows users to send simultaneous messages.

Hobbit premiere a high-flying success

A four-minute-long Air New Zealand safety video celebrating the forthcoming premiere of the first film in the Hobbit trilogy has gone viral within a day of being posted on YouTube. The in-flight video has received more than two million hits.

Sweet success for Williams again

Robbie Williams is No 1 in the singles chart for the first time in eight years after "Candy" sold 137,000 copies last week. Including hits with Take That, it is his 14th No 1.

Lottery winner lost ticket for months

The winner of a $23m California lottery had stuffed the ticket in her car and forgotten it for months, until she saw CCTV footage on the internet of when it was purchased.

Government is keen to cut India loose

The Government will cut aid to India, claiming it no longer needs Britain's help thanks to economic growth. International Development Secretary Justine Greening is expected to announce that the UK's commitment to India will be drastically scaled down after the current eight-year funding programme ends. The UK has committed £280m a year until 2015. MORE

Five hurt as rival militias clash

Clashes broke out in Tripoli between two militias aligned with security forces. A rocket-propelled grenade hit a military headquarters and five people were wounded. The fighting comes as Libya's leadership struggles to rein in armed groups and disarm former rebels. MORE

Remains belong to missing vet

Remains found last week in a field in Wales belong to missing vet Catherine Gowing. Ms Gowing, 37, was last seen on 12 October. A 46-year-old man has been charged with her murder. Detective Chief Inspector Mark Pierce said: "The search continues for further remains." MORE

Bomb goes off in centre of Damascus

An explosion rocked the centre of Damascus yesterday, causing casualties and shattering windows at the nearby Dama Rose hotel. State television blamed "terrorists". The report said the bomb went off about 500 metres from the army chief-of-staff's building. MORE

Poor more likely to die of heart disease

Deaths from heart disease in the UK have halved since the eighties, but poor people are now more likely than wealthier people to die, researchers say. And cuts to the NHS risk widening the "health gap", according to the authors of the Imperial College London study. MORE

'Make pupils stay in school at lunchtime'

More than 70 per cent of parents want schools to ban children from leaving school at lunchtime to stop them buying junk food, a study claims. The poll of 12,000 parents by Laca, which represents school caterers, found 35 per cent wanted a ban to include sixth-formers. MORE

Call for police to reinvestigate ex-MP

The shadow Home Secretary, Yvette Cooper has called on police to re-examine abuse of parliamentary expenses by former Labour MP Denis MacShane to determine if he broke the law. MORE

Call for probe into abuse by VIPs

An inquiry into abuse in Welsh children's homes must investigate whether senior people were protected, the children's commissioner for Wales, Keith Towler, said yesterday. Hundreds of abuse claims over 16 years include allegations against a senior Tory party figure.  MORE