The News Matrix: Monday 8 April 2013


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Nine arrested over building collapse

Police have arrested nine people, including builders, police officers and municipality officials, for colluding to illegally construct a residential building that collapsed, killing 74 people. Police said two builders were arrested for allegedly paying bribes to police and municipality officials to construct the building in Mumbai.

A right bunch of pillow cases

Feathers flew in Trafalgar Square yesterday as teams from 100 cities across the world competed in International Pillow Fight Day. Participants were not allowed to hit anyone not armed with a pillow.

Tobacco giant in packaging ban row

Health campaigners have condemned a tobacco giant's advertising campaign challenging the Scottish Government's plan to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes. Japan Tobacco International, which makes Benson & Hedges, refutes claims banning branded packaging will stop people taking up smoking. MORE

Many die as Afghans battle with Taliban

A battle between Afghan forces and the Taliban in a remote corner of the country has left around 20 people dead, including 11 children and an American civilian adviser. Saturday's fighting was indicative of a surge in hostilities as the spring fighting season starts. MORE

Boxer dies of a blood clot following fight

A boxer has died of a blood clot on the brain following his return to the ring after a two-year hiatus. Michael Norgrove, 31, is the first British boxer to die because of a fight since James Murray in 1995. The British Boxing Board of Control yesterday defended its safety record. MORE

Miliband takes on payday lenders

Labour leader Ed Miliband will today pledge to help councils stop loan sharks setting up in vacant premises. Mr Miliband will warn that lenders are charging over 1,000 per cent interest a year. The number of new payday lenders increased by 20 per cent last year. MORE

Musharraf allowed to stand in election

General Pervez Musharraf was given approval yesterday to run for parliament next month, a rare victory for the former leader in what has otherwise been a bumpy return to the country after more than four years in self-imposed exile.

Huhne is finding jail 'fascinating'

The former cabinet minister Chris Huhne has described his time in prison so far as "fascinating" in an exchange of letters with the former Tory MP Jonathan Aitken, who was also jailed. The correspondence revealed the former Energy and Climate Change Secretary was in "good shape", Mr Aitken said. Huhne was jailed after admitting he asked his wife to take speeding points for him.

Man charged with trying to rob banks

A man has been charged with trying to rob two banks in Washington with a note that initially confused tellers. The Washington Post reports he gave a teller a note that read "100s 50s 20s 10s" then asked for money. He was sent away and later arrested.

Pope Francis takes up his new post

Pope Francis was formally installed as bishop of Rome yesterday. He used his arrival at St John in Lateran Basilica to honour Pope John Paul II, who remains popular, by renaming a corner of the piazza outside the church after him.

The British men with 20 children

Exactly 500 sperm donors have anonymously fathered more than 10 children each in Britain, and 15 have 20 biological children. The figures from the UK Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority show the 500 men have fathered 6,111 children.

Manhattan phones redial 20 years ago

A promotion for an art exhibition has turned 5,000 pay phones in Manhattan into time machines, taking callers back to 1993. Dial 1-855-FOR-1993 and you will hear a notable resident recounting what life was like on that city block 20 years ago.