The News Matrix: Saturday 13 July 2013


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At least 7 dead as Paris train derails

At least seven people are believed dead and several injured after a packed passenger train was derailed outside Paris. The Interior minister, SNCF national rail said the train was carrying some 385 passengers when it crashed into the station at Brétigny-sur-Orge. MORE

Widow angry over spy inquiry decision

The widow of Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko has accused the Government of showing an "utter lack of professionalism" after it was revealed there will not be a public inquiry into his death. Marina Litvinenko is calling for a judicial review of the decision. MORE

Snowden to seek asylum in Russia

Fugitive whistleblower Edward Snowden plans to apply for asylum in Russia. The former US intelligence contractor met with human rights' activists yesterday at Moscow's Sheremetevo Airport, where he has been hiding since 23 June. He was said to be in a good condition. MORE

Police fined £166k over death of officer

Greater Manchester Police has been fined £166,666 after it admitted a health and safety breach over the fatal shooting of one of its officers in a training exercise. PC Ian Terry, 32, died in 2008 after being shot by a blank round. He was not wearing body armour.

Terrorists on the run after prison riot

Convicted terrorists are among hundreds of inmates who escaped from a jail in Sumatra following a riot. Two prison workers were killed during the riot, which was triggered after a power cut left prisoners without water. Some 240 prisoners remain unaccounted for.

Loose bull causes panic in the streets

An American and two Spaniards were gored during a danger-filled sixth bull run of the San Fermin festival, with one loose bull causing panic in the packed streets of Pamplona. The bull charged the runners and helpers had to drag one panic-stricken victim to safety by his feet.

£1bn centre to create cars of the future

A £1bn motor industry initiative which could create 30,000 jobs has been announced by Business Secretary Vince Cable. The Government and the car industry will invest £500m each over the next 10 years in an Advanced Propulsion Centre to develop the cars of the future.

Suicide bomber kills two people

At least three people were killed including the suicide bomber who attacked a convoy of African Union peacekeepers in Mogadishu yesterday. The bomb killed two civilians and injured several others, according to Abdikafi Hilowle, the secretary of the Mogadishu mayor.

Festival revellers warned of fake pills

Scotland's Justice Secretary has urged T in the Park revellers to heed a police drug warning following deaths linked to fake ecstasy pills. Pictures of the pills, which are green-coloured with a Rolex stamp, have been posted around the festival site.

Globetrotter Alan Whicker dies, 87

Globetrotting TV star Alan Whicker, who brought the lifestyles of the rich and famous into UK homes for decades, has died aged 87. The presenter, best known for his Whicker's World TV series, passed away at his home in Jersey yesterday after suffering from bronchial pneumonia. MORE

Policed block march by journalists

Police have blocked hundreds of journalists from marching in Istanbul to demand press freedoms and denounce the harassment of colleagues during a anti-government demonstrations last month. Journalists were targeted by police while covering the nearly three weeks of protests.

Hirst chastised for photo with corpse

Artist Damien Hirst has been accused by archaeologists from the university department that discovered the body of Richard III of being "insensitive and exploitative" over a photograph taken 22 years ago in which his 16-year-old self poses with a severed head. MORE

Eight children die as river boat capsizes

Police say eight children and three adults drowned when their boat capsized in a flooded river in eastern India. The victims were returning home from a village across the river Kosi, where they had attended a relative's funeral. Some 24 others swam to safety on the shore

Pull the udder one, farmers are told

Dairy farmers have been accused of trying to milk an agricultural show dry – by tampering with their cows' udders. Bosses at the Great Yorkshire Show say they are investigating two dairy cows, and have threatened to disqualify anyone caught cheating. MORE

You're fired... for being too pretty

A US court has ruled that a dentist acted legally when he fired an assistant because he found her too attractive and was worried he would try to start an affair. The Iowa Supreme Court yesterday said such firings are not discrimination because they are motivated by feelings, not gender.

Let there be light as mirrors reflect sun

Residents of a Norwegian town will soon be able to bask in sunshine thanks to the installation of giant mirrors atop nearby mountains. The town of Rjukan is nestled in a valley leaving it without sunlight in winter. Mirrors are being winched into a position to reflect light into the town.

Stars Wars set for singalong treatment

Star Wars: The Musical could be coming to the Broadway stage following a deal between the film studio 20th Century Fox and a top theatre producer. Kevin McCollum, who worked on hits Avenue Q and Rent, is co-financing the operation to bring beloved films to the stage.

Beware of jellyfish, holidaymakers told

The Foreign Office has advised British holidaymakers travelling to Greece to beware of jellyfish blooms, claiming that they have been alerted to "large numbers" of the creatures. However, local marine biologists claimed the blooms consisted of a non-stinging species.

Queen of Soul drops Motown show

Aretha Franklin has cancelled an already delayed performance citing ongoing medical treatment. In a letter the Grammy-winner said she was cancelling the Detroit show "one last time". The 71-year-old had announced in May that she was putting off scheduled performances.

Arnie tells Reddit users to 'behave'

Arnold Schwarzenegger has waded into an online debate about work-outs, telling Reddit users to "behave and stop bickering". The former Mr Universe wrote: "I've never understood people who argue constantly about who is wrong and who is right in fitness… There are many 'right' answers."

Cafe owner receives messages of support

A café owner who put a sign in her window warning customers who were "allergic to black people" not to come in has been inundated with messages of support. Martha-Renee Kolleh told of her struggle to put down roots after fleeing war ravaged Liberia. MORE

Deadly stingrays may be under threat

Scientists are conducting a census of stingrays at a popular tourist spot to determine if numbers are still declining. Officials with a local dolphinarium released six stingrays into the North Sound following an amendment to a law aimed at further protecting the species.

Religious slaughter of animals banned

Polish parliament has voted to reject a government plan to reinstate the religious slaughter of animals. Until January, Poland was making good business exporting kosher and halal meat to Israel and Muslim countries, but the practice was banned under pressure from animal rights groups.

Actor Gosling stands up for mother pigs

Oscar-nominated actor Ryan Gosling has penned a newspaper article calling for better living conditions for pigs. Gosling, writing in Canada's Globe and Mail, called for an end to "gestation crates" – metal enclosures housing mother pigs that are "so small they can't even turn around".