The News Matrix: Saturday 22 June 2013


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Private head teachers urged to help state

Ofsted's chief inspector, Sir Michael Wilshaw, has issued a "direct challenge" to private school head teachers to do more to support head teachers in the state sector. He said teachers at private schools "don't have to deal with disaffection, poverty, lack of aspiration and low expectations".

Priest jailed for killing a drug addict

Branislav Peranovic, a Serbian priest in the Orthodox Church, was jailed for 20 years yesterday, for beating to death a drug addict in his care in August 2012. The church has clashed with the government over its recent deal to recognise the Kosovo government.

Moors murderer to speak in public

Ian Brady is to speak publicly for the first time since he was jailed for life in 1966. The Moors murderer, 75, will give evidence on Tuesday to a mental health tribunal at Ashworth Hospital in Merseyside. Brady wants to transfer to a prison in the hope he will be able to starve himself to death.

EU gives £4.1bn boost to sugar trade

The European Union has awarded a £4.1bn to boost Guyana's struggling sugar industry a day after it announced a record low harvest of 48,000 tonnes. The money will be used to buy harvesting machines and lessen dependence on cane cutters.

UK may ban anti-Muslim speakers

The Home Secretary is considering a request to ban two of America's anti-Muslim campaigners from the UK. Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer have been invited to speak at an English Defence League rally in Woolwich to mark Armed Forces Day and the death of Drummer Lee Rigby.

Demonstrations for the president

Supporters of Egypt's Islamist President Mohammed Morsi gave a show of force against his opponents amid increasing tension yesterday. Demonstrators gathered near Cairo's presidential palace, carrying pictures of the president and chanting religious slogans.

Arms dealer sues William Hague

A Zimbabwean arms dealer has claimed the Foreign Office has unlawfully caused his assets to be frozen. John Bredenkamp is suing Foreign Secretary, William Hague, after he learnt the UK Government was behind a decision to blacklist him for supporting Robert Mugabe.

Miliband: Labour cannot reverse cuts

Labour will be unable to reverse George Osborne's latest £11.5bn round of spending cuts if it forms the next government, Ed Miliband will tell his party today. Labour's leader will say a promise to reverse them can be made only when it is "crystal clear" where the money is coming from.

Eight held on terrorism charges

Police arrested eight people in Spain's enclave of Ceuta on suspicion of acting as recruiters for jihadist groups fighting in Syria, as part of a network linked to al-Qa'ida. The ring is thought to have acted as a support group providing funds, travel plans and indoctrination. MORE

Death toll in floods passes 600

Indian troops and rescue workers are battling to help 50,000 people still trapped in the Himalayan foothills after monsoons caused flooding and landslides. The death toll had already passed 600 last night, and one official said the final count could be "shockingly huge". MORE

UKIP warns Farage over Tory link-up

Senior UKIP members have warned Nigel Farage against an electoral pact with Eurosceptic Tory MPs. The UKIP leader has raised the idea of its candidates running on a joint ticket at the 2015 election, but colleagues say the move could alienate Labour voters mulling a switch to UKIP. MORE

Health ministers splash out on cuppas

Health ministers have spent almost £120,000 on tea, coffee and biscuits this year. Shadow public health minister Diane Abbott said the Department of Health's spending on refreshments showed they were "living on another planet".

Hershey guilty of product price fixing

Hershey Canada has pleaded guilty to price-fixing of chocolate products in 2007. The company said senior employees communicated with employees at Nestlé Canada, Mars Canada and a distributor to discuss pricing. The other companies deny the charges and still face trial.

Who's the daddy of all bloggers?

When it comes to finding supportive online communities and parenting advice, mums are well catered for. But now dads are taking centre-stage for the first time at this weekend's parenting blogging conference, BritMums Live. MORE

25,000 bees found dead in car park

Around 25,000 bees have been found dead in a shopping centre car park in Oregon. Experts believe it could be a poisonous species of the tree that caused the bees to die, or they may have been poisoned by insecticides.

'Glee' actor to launch a network of schools

Matthew Morrison, who plays Mr Schuester in the hit show Glee, is to launch a network of performing arts schools. He said he is working on "an accredited programme – you'd have to keep up the grades to be involved. It would have a big element of under-privileged kids". MORE

Seven-year-old boy 'drove drunk man'

A drunk man let a seven-year-old boy drive him home at 3am, police claimed. Officers stopped the car on the Gold Coast yesterday. They later charged the man, 41, with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and being an adult in charge under the influence of liquor. He is due in court.

Daredevil in River Gorge tightrope stunt

Nik Wallenda, the Florida-based daredevil, acrobat and heir to the Flying Wallendas circus family will attempt to walk a 457m-long tightrope across the Little Colorado River Gorge near the Grand Canyon on Sunday. He has previously walked across Niagara Falls on a tightrope.