The News Matrix: Thursday 15 November 2012


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Monogamy hormone stops men straying

Scientists believe a "monogamy hormone" can cause men in committed relationships to steer clear of women they find attractive. German researchers squirted oxytocin up the noses of men in steady relationships and found they kept a greater distance from women than those given a placebo.

Radio stations 'are ignoring new artists'

The UK head of the world's biggest record label urged radio stations to take more risks, saying new artists receive "very little" airplay. David Joseph, of Universal Music, said only three new musicians – Emeli Sandé, Rita Ora and Gotye – had been "supported well" this year, with Lana Del Rey 107th on the playlist.

Biopic renamed in legal wrangle

A biopic of porn baron Paul Raymond has been given a new name, The Look Of Love, as director Michael Winterbottom's original title, The King Of Soho, had already been registered by Raymond's son for a rival film.

Private landlords evading £550m tax

Private landlords are evading £550m in tax due on their rental income, estimates by revenue inspectors suggest. Just £1.8bn is collected on rental income, meaning almost a quarter is missing. John Whiting, of the Chartered Institute of Taxation, said the evasion by landlords was "very significant" and needed to be addressed by HM Revenue and Customs.

1,000 jobs to go at Gove's department

Almost one in four staff at the Department for Education will lose their jobs in an efficiency drive. Some 1,000 posts will go as Michael Gove's department seeks to make administrative savings of £290m by 2015-16. The redundancies will be made within two years.

Osborne 'opposes PM on climate vow'

George Osborne is privately manoeuvring to undermine David Cameron's climate-change promises, the Chancellor's father-in-law claims on secret-camera footage. Lord Howell told a Greenpeace activist posing as a lobbyist that Mr Osborne was "putting pressure on". MORE

Petraeus agrees to testify on Benghazi

The former CIA chief David Petraeus has agreed to testify to Congress about the attack on the US consulate in Benghazi in which four Americans died. Senator Dianne Feinstein said he would not be talking about his extra-marital affair at the Senate Intelligence Committee. MORE

Measures of child poverty to change

The way child poverty is measured will change to incorporate worklessness, education and family breakdown, rather than simply applying to households whose income is 60 per cent of the median. Pressure groups said the move detracted from the fight against poverty. MORE

Xi Jinping certain to be named President

It lacked the theatre of the US election but another world power has picked a new President. Xi Jinping is almost certain to be declared China's next leader today. The outgoing President, Hu Jintao, said: "The Congress has elected a new central committee of the party and replaced older leaders with younger ones." MORE

Tycoon dyes hair to avoid murder police

John McAfee, 67, the computer programmer who made millions from anti-virus software, has dyed his hair, eyebrows, beard and moustache black in a bid to avoid detectives who want to question him about the murder of his next-door neighbour. Gregory Faull was found shot in the head. MORE

Taliban prisoners freed in peace bid

Up to 10 Taliban prisoners have been released by Pakistan to aid the peace process between the Afghan government and the Islamist group. Pakistan agreed to release them in response to a request from Afghan envoys. Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban's former deputy leader, has not been freed. MORE

Football boy's final wish is granted

A nine-year-old football fan who died last Christmas has got his final wish following a battle with a Catholic church. The church banned Jens Pascal's parents from erecting a gravestone with a Borussia Dortmund badge in the cemetery, but relented after more than 100,000 people lobbied on Facebook.