The News Matrix: Thursday 27 June 2013


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American footballer in murder charge

American football star Aaron Hernandez was last night charged with murdering semi-professional player Odin Lloyd, 27, who was found dead in a Massachusetts industrial park. Hernandez, 23, has also been charged with firearms violations. He was dropped from the New England Patriots after being led from his home in handcuffs. The NFL described the arrest as "deeply troubling".

Accused 'laughed' as victim was beaten

Jurors were told that the two men who allegedly battered a lay preacher to death on Christmas Eve in Sheffield were laughing as they did it. Alan Greaves, 68, died of "catastrophic" injuries three days after he was repeatedly struck with a pickaxe handle.

Tobacco giant set to sue health ministry

Tobacco giant Philip Morris and more than 1,400 Thai retailers will sue Thailand's health ministry over a rule that would cover 85 per cent of cigarette packets with warning messages. The Thai Tobacco Trade Association and Philip Morris will file a lawsuit to invalidate the decision.

Lawrence family to ask for investigation

Stephen Lawrence's family will today ask the Home Secretary Theresa May to launch an inquiry into claims by a former undercover officer that Scotland Yard dug up "dirt" on the family who were seeking justice after Stephen's death in 1993. MORE

Paris-based radio to broadcast on war

Syrian journalists backed by France have launched a radio station that will broadcast into Syria, aiming to provide “independent coverage” of the civil war. Meanwhile, the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the death toll in the conflict has passed 100,000.

Eiffel Tower tourists grounded by strike

The Eiffel Tower was closed for a second day yesterday as a strike over working conditions left tourists queuing in vain. Thousands hoping for bird's eye views of the city have been grounded since Tuesday morning. Officials said talks with unions were under way and they hoped the monument would reopen soon.

BA allows mobile use during taxiing

In a small victory for UK technophiles, British Airways has announced it is to become the first European airline to let passengers use their mobile phone while taxiing. From July, people will be allowed to switch on their phones once the plane has landed rather than wait until it has stopped at the gate.

Baby to be named the Americano way

A Connecticut couple are letting customers at a Starbucks coffee shop choose their baby's name. Jennifer James and Mark Dixon hit on the idea when they could not decide between "Jackson" and "Logan". So far, they have received about 1,800 votes in the coffee cup serving as a ballot box, and Logan is leading.

Racing lord speeds into record books

The fastest peer in the Upper Chamber and former Government science adviser, Lord Drayson, set a new land speed record after reaching more than 204mph in an electric car yesterday. The Labour lord and racing driver set the record at Elvington Airfield near York, beating the previous record of 175mph.

Oi, who are you calling four-eyes?

A newly hatched two-headed turtle has been named Thelma – and Louise. The female Texas river cooter, a freshwater species native to the state, arrived at San Antonio Zoo last week and is said to be healthy. The zoo is no stranger to two-headed reptiles. It kept a two-headed Texas rat snake named Janus from 1978 until the creature died in 1995.