The News Matrix: Tuesday 1 October 2013


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Terrorist recruiter’s family home seized

The family home of a man convicted of attempting to recruit undercover police officers to fight UK soldiers in Afghanistan is to be the first seized under terrorism laws. Lawyers for Munir Farooqi, who got four life terms in September for inciting jihad, will fight the forfeiture of his house that began after the Court of Appeal rejected a challenge against his criminal conviction. MORE

Warning of global cancer burden

The world faces a growing burden of cancer which will overwhelm governments unless the medical and pharmaceutical industries take the lead on a multi-billion-dollar private-public fund, oncologists have said. Rates of diagnosis and death are rising, they said in a report.

Cost of ‘plebgate’ scandal hits £237k

The police investigation into the “plebgate” affair has cost £237,000 so far. The scandal, which led to the resignation of former chief whip Andrew Mitchell, ignited after he was accused of ranting at police guarding Downing Street as he tried to cycle through the main gates.

Inquiry into Assad uncle’s property

The Paris prosecutor’s office opened an investigation into the real estate holdings of President Assad’s uncle after watchdogs accused him of corruption, alleging his fortune, including several dozen Paris apartments, must have been built by stealing from Syrian public funds.

Court orders stricter rules for drug trials

India’s Supreme Court has ordered the government to strengthen regulation surrounding clinical trials for new drugs in an effort to address a growing national scandal. The move comes amid claims that hundreds of citizens are being used as “guinea pigs”.  MORE

Stonehenge centre open before solstice

A new visitors’ centre at Stonehenge will open before the winter solstice. English Heritage has announced the new building, part of a £27m transformation of the site, will give visitors a 360 degree virtual experience of “standing in the stones”. The centre will open on 18 December.

Fishermen missing after tropical storm

Tropical storm Wutip lashed central Vietnam yesterday after sinking two Chinese fishing boats near the Paracel Islands, leaving 75 fishermen missing, officials said. The storm uprooted trees and cut power lines.

Berlusconi risks losing supporters

About 20 Italian centre-right politicians may break with their leader Silvio Berlusconi if he tries to bring down Prime Minister Enrico Letta’s coalition in a dispute over Berlusconi’s fraud conviction, a centre-right party source warned yesterday.

Teenage adventurer bound for Antarctic

A 19-year-old man who has skied to the North Pole three times is heading to the Antarctic. Parker Liautaud launched a pop-up Antarctic Camp in London yesterday to give the public an insight into the conditions he will endure. MORE