The News Matrix: Tuesday 16 July 2013


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Woman dies after shock from iPhone

Apple is investigating an accident in which a Chinese woman was killed by an electric shock when answering a call on her iPhone 5 while it was charging, the US technology company said on Monday. Last Thursday, Ma Ailun, a 23-year-old woman from China's western Xinjiang region and a flight attendant with China Southern Airlines, was electrocuted when she took a call.

Gay marriages from next year

Gay marriage is to be legalised in England and Wales. The Lords gave the Same Sex Couples Bill an unopposed third reading; it will go back to the Commons where limited amendments can be made. Gay Labour peer Lord Alli said: "My life and many others will be better today." MORE

Premier rejects calls for him to quit

Beleaguered Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy says he has no plans to bow to opposition parties demands that he resign following newspaper publication of text messages in which he tells a former party treasurer under investigation to "stay calm". MORE

Deadly oak disease 'spreading' in UK

A disease that causes "stem bleeding" in oak trees is on the increase, especially in the Midlands, experts say. Acute oak decline causes weeping patches on the stems of mature specimens. The Government is to spend £1.1m trying to tackle the disease.

High-ranking US official in talks

The US will neither try to impose its model on Egypt nor will it support specific parties or personalities, the Deputy Secretary of State William Burns said. Mr Burns made the first high-level visit to Egypt by a US official since the army ousted President Mohamed Morsi. MORE

Whicker's world was 4 years older

The broadcaster Alan Whicker, who died on Friday, had a "celebrity age". According to his Who's Who entry and in the BBC's announcement of his death, the Whicker's World presenter was 87. However, he was actually born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1921, making him 91.

Quickie divorce for Lawson and Saatchi

Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi have declared that they will not be making financial claims against one another in divorce proceedings. A statement issued on behalf of the couple said the divorce would happen by the end of July. Fiona Shackleton, who represented Sir Paul McCartney, has been appointed by Lawson. MORE

Staff ordered to replace women

A provincial leader said he ordered his top staff to replace female secretaries with men following a string of extra-marital affairs. "I ordered them to replace their female secretaries with male assistants or with old women who are no longer attractive," Rusli Habibie, the Governor of Gorontalo province, told AFP.

Feeling brave? Try snail facial at salon

A new anti-aging beauty treatment has been unveiled in Tokyo – and it's not for the squeamish. Salon Ci:z.Labo is offering clients the chance to have snails crawl across their faces to clear their pores and remove dead skin, for 10,500 yen (£70). Sayaka Ito, who tried it, said: "At first, it is surprising, but it's actually rather nice."