The News Matrix: Tuesday 25 June 2013


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Brady ‘makes soup on hunger strike’

The Moors murderer Ian Brady, who claims to have been on a 14-year hunger strike, eats toast for breakfast and regularly makes packet soup, a tribunal heard yesterday. Brady, 75, is fed through a nasal tube, but a mental health tribunal was told that nurses at his high-security hospital bring hot water to his room so that he can make flasks of packet soup.

HMRC boss denies broker accusation

The head of HM Revenue and Customs has denied the organisation acted as a “marriage broker”, introducing tax advisers to private companies. HMRC chief executive Lin Homer told the Public Accounts Committee he saw no evidence to support the accusations.

Judge faces quiz on Huhne investigation

One of Britain’s top black lawyers is due in court next week on two counts of intending to pervert the course of justice. The charges against Constance Briscoe, 56, relate to statements to police investigating former cabinet minister Chris Huhne. She denies the charges. MORE

MI5 officer accused of harassing spy

An MI5 officer has been accused of a campaign of alleged harassment and violence against a fellow spy, Southwark Crown Court head. The jury heard the male officer had a relationship with the female plaintiff, which began to fall apart when they moved to different parts of MI5. MORE

Peter Kay brother imposter is jailed

A fraudster who posed as comedian Peter Kay’s brother to scam pub landlords has been jailed for two years. Peter Stead, 50, said he was Danny Kay and was raising funds for a sick child, claiming once he was organising a fundraiser Peter Kay would attend, Derby Crown Court was told.

Quarter of recruits fail new fitness test

Close to a quarter of people who apply to join the Navy, Royal Marines, and RAF have failed a new fitness test, figures reveal. The Healthcare charity Nuffield Health began testing new recruits for the Ministry of Defence three years ago – and have failed 23 per cent of applicants in that time.

Bathing beauties face shake-up

England’s bathing season is set for a Government review. At present, beaches and lakes designated under the EU Bathing Water Directive are “monitored for compliance” with EU water quality standards from 15 May to the end of September. But some say this does not include the best months for British coasts.

Zoo staff in hunt for missing red panda

Zookeepers are searching for a red panda that has gone missing from its enclosure in Washington. Keepers discovered the male, named Rusty, was missing on Monday. Red pandas are highly territorial, so a zoo spokesman said it is unlikely he travelled far. He is most likely hiding high up in a tree, is sick or  someone took him.

Halal and goodbye  for McDonald’s

The only two McDonald’s restaurants in the US that served halal food have stopped doing so. The franchise owner of one the two Detroit outlets agreed to a $700,000 legal settlement in April after allegations that the restaurant falsely advertised its food as being prepared according to Islamic dietary law.

Jolie pleads for a fight against rape

Angelina Jolie made her debut before the UN’s most powerful body as a special envoy for refugees and urged the world’s nations to make the fight against rape in war a top priority. She told the Security Council yesterday that “hundreds of thousands of women, children and men have been raped in conflicts in our lifetimes”.