The News Matrix: Tuesday 30 July 2013


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Ennis joke sparks criticism of BBC

The Culture Secretary Maria Miller has pointed to comments made by BBC presenter Colin Murray about  Jessica Ennis-Hill as further  evidence that the broadcaster must confront sexism in sport. During the warm-up for the Anniversary Games on Friday, the presenter  suggested in front of a crowd of 65,000 people that the perfect athlete would have her bottom. MORE

Spy agencies ban Chinese-made PCs

Computers made by the Chinese company Lenovo have allegedly been banned by MI5 and MI6 for fear they are vulnerable to hacking. It has been claimed modifications have been found in the devices that would allow remote access without the owner’s knowledge. MORE

Nurses ‘sacrifice time with patients’

Overworked nurses have to sacrifice time spent with patients, research has shown. Some 86 per cent of those questioned admitted to rationing care because of understaffing. The Royal College of Nursing called the findings “depressing and unfortunately not surprising”. MORE

Kama Sutra for heart patients

Heart attack and stroke victims  apprehensive of sex should be counselled to overcome their fears, say researchers. The  recommendations come in response to a lack of information and support for patients who worry they may overdo it.

Regime troops drive rebels from Homs

Syrian troops drove insurgents from central Homs yesterday, tightening their siege on remaining rebel bastions in the important city. The military’s gains in Khalidiya follow a counter-offensive by Assad’s forces, which have pushed back rebels around the Syrian capital.

Jackson gives sneak peek to Hobbit fans

Filmmaker Peter Jackson delighted his Facebook fans after uploading pictures from the set of the final instalment of his latest trilogy, The Hobbit, to celebrate the end of  filming in New Zealand.

Burst tyre may have caused coach crash

A burst tyre may have been the cause of a coach crash in southern Italy that killed 39 people after the vehicle plunged 30 metres from a viaduct. Witnesses said the coach was driving at normal speed but veered suddenly. It was carrying 48 holidaymakers from Naples,  including children. MORE

Tesco hopes public will check out yoga

Tesco is pioneering a move to bring customers to their stores by offering a range of extra services – from yoga to cookery classes. A new store, opening in Watford next month, will include a “community space” and a Giraffe restaurant. Meanwhile, the Stockton-on-Tees branch will soon offer gym classes.

UK to host 20% more foreign students

The number of foreign students studying at UK universities could increase by almost 100,000 over the next five years, according to government estimates. Around half a million international students study in Britain – a figure expected to grow with an increase of students from China, India, and the Middle East.

Daughters win fight for £2.2bn fortune

A 21-year legal battle over the £2.2bn estate of an Indian maharaja has ended with a court deciding that his daughters should inherit the fortune, which includes a 35-year-old fort and an aerodrome. MORE

Critics cast doubt on Putin’s fishing tale

Doubt has been cast on the latest macho exploit by Russian President Vladimir Putin, who claimed to have landed a pike weighing 21kg on a fishing trip in Siberia. Anglers have taken to the internet to question whether a fish of the size shown in pictures of the catch could be as heavy as claimed. MORE

Carla gets cross over cash petition

France’s former first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, is threatening legal action after an online petition asked her to repay €410,000 used to fund her website while her husband was president. More than 80,000 people have signed the petition asking her to repay the cash, arguing it could have been maintained for much less. AP