The News Matrix: Wednesday 29 August 2012


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Tony Nicklinson's last words

The widow of Tony Nicklinson has said she hopes his campaign for a change in the law on assisted dying will continue in his memory. She also disclosed his last words: "I'm already dead – don't mourn for me." MORE

Budget cuts force closure of library

Swingeing budget cuts have forced a prestigious Naples library with 300,000 philosophy volumes to close. Leading 20th-century thinkers have taught at the Italian Institute for Philosophical Studies, which has been described by its founder as "the most beautiful private library in Europe". MORE

Circumcising babies 'reduces STI risk'

New guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended the circumcision of baby boys. The leading children's doctors said the benefits outweigh the risks of the procedure and urged insurance firms to pay for it. Research has shown it reduces the risk of sexually transmitted infections. MORE

Nick Clegg proposes taxing the rich

An emergency tax on the rich has been proposed by the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. Warning that the UK had become mired in a longer than expected "economic war", he said that "people of very considerable personal wealth have got to make a bit of an extra contribution".

Court clears army over death of activist

An Israeli court has ruled that Rachel Corrie, an American activist crushed to death by an army bulldozer in 2003, could have avoided danger if she wanted to, rejecting the civil lawsuit brought against the military by her parents and ruling the army was not at fault. MORE

WWII bomb brings Warsaw to standstill

A huge unexploded German bomb was found beneath the streets of central Warsaw on Tuesday, forcing the evacuation of 3,000 people from buildings. The 1.5-ton Second World War bomb, discovered by construction workers, was fired from a Karl-Geraet mortar in 1944.

Pressure on PM over Heathrow runway

David Cameron is under pressure to perform a U-turn by allowing a third runway to be built at Heathrow. A cabinet reshuffle could see Transport Secretary Justine Greening, who opposes expansion, moved from her post. Conservatives say this would allow for a growth strategy. MORE

'Special committee' to remove honours

Clear rules must be established to stop the Government giving in to newspaper campaigns and unfairly stripping individuals of their honours, an influential committee of MPs says today. The Public Administration Select Committee called for the creation of an independent "forfeiture" committee that would decide if individuals should have their honours removed. MORE

Mayor promises another great games

Boris Johnson has promised a repeat of all the emotions and excitement of the Olympics as the final touches are completed for the Paralympic Games. The London Mayor conceded there was still "plenty of things to be attended to", but that the event is set to "change people's attitudes" forever. MORE

Police shoot seagulls to protect whales

Such are the vagaries of animal protection that provincial authorities in Argentina have ordered police to start shooting seagulls to stop them pecking and tearing at Southern right whales in the waters off Patagonia. Environmentalists are crying foul, saying officials should instead close a nearby rubbish dump.

Shaken and stirred by Bond party price

A decision by the Swedish intelligence service to throw a lavish James Bond-themed party – complete with martinis (shaken, not stirred), casino tables, a gala dinner and special guests, including the head of the UK's MI5 security agency – has drawn censure for its £500,000 price tag. MORE

£1.3m park-and-ride used by ten people

South Gloucestershire Council have been criticised for spending £1.3m on a park-and-ride facility which is being used by an average of just ten motorists a day. A new rapid bus route that is intended to pass the car park will not be in service until 2015. The council said they want to make use of the land while available.

Jewish singer hits back at anti-semite

Acclaimed singer Jessie Ware was shocked to receive an anti-semitic tweet from an online troll after her new album shot to number five in the charts. Her mother Helena Ware quickly jumped to her defence tweeting: "You clearly have no friends… just one follower you horrible sad man." MORE