The Saturday Matrix: Saturday 14 May 2011

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PM’s Madeleine decision criticised

David Cameron’s decision to involve Scotland Yard in a review of the Madeleine McCann case was criticised yesterday by Metropolitan Police Authority member Lord Harris.

Suicide bombers kill 80 police cadets

Pakistan’s Taliban yesterday retaliated for the slaying of Osama bin Laden when two suicide bombers attacked a paramilitary recruitment centre, killing at least 80 cadets as they left the training centre. MORE

Schoolboy, 15, killed over BlackBerry

A schoolboy was stabbed to death when he fought back after robbers stole his BlackBerry phone. It is believed Temidayo Ogunneye, 15, was murdered after returning to the scene of the robbery. MORE

Archive told to hand over Troubles tapes

Testimony given by IRA members as part of a project at Boston College has been subpoenaed on behalf of British authorities investigating the kidnap and murder of nine people in Northern Ireland during the 1970s. MORE

Security forces open fire on protesters

The grim pattern of violence in Syria continued yesterday as security forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad opened fire on demonstrators across the country. MORE

Girl offered a lift by Milly’s alleged killer

A student has told a court she was left scared and crying after a man believed to be Levi Bellfield offered her a lift in his car, a day before he allegedly killed Milly Dowler. MORE

Marathon man crawls to the finish

An extreme fundraiser has completed his toughest challenge yet. Lloyd Scott inched his way along the 26-mile London marathon course face-down on a sled, in a Magic Roundabout snail costume.

Beatrice’s royal wedding hat sold

Duncan Bannatyne led the way in the bidding on eBay for Princess Beatrice’s bizarre royal wedding hat. The Dragons’ Den businessman bid £5,000, then only four other bids were made, taking the price to £5,400.

Miner wants note back from President

The Chilean miner who wrote a message telling the world that he and 32 colleagues had survived an accident has said he wants his note back. The President, however, says that it remains his property. MORE

Nicky Campbell’s naked aggression

Broadcaster Nicky Campbell has revealed he chased an intruder from his home, despite being naked. He told Radio 5 listeners the man “would have needed trauma counselling”.

Foreign Office to sell best bottles in cellar

Some of the Foreign Office’s 39,000 bottles of wine, Champagne, sherry, brandy and port, worth £2m, will be sold in an economy drive. A 1961 Château Latour may earn £10,000.