The Saturday Matrix: Saturday 28 May 2011

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‘Pilot error’ caused Air France disaster

Preliminary findings from black boxes recovered from the Air France airbus that crashed in 2009 en route from Brazil to Paris point to a mistake by a pilot. MORE

Police hunt killers of Milton Keynes pair

A double murder hunt has been launched after two teenagers were ambushed in a darkened alleyway in Milton Keynes and shot dead. Both of the victims, who were of Somali descent, were shot in the head.

Cucumbers blamed for E. coli outbreak

Cucumbers could be the cause of a major E.coli outbreak in Germany which has killed two people. The authorities have advised people not to eat them and to cut raw tomatoes and lettuce from their diets. MORE

G8 pledges to aid Arab Spring nations

The world’s richest nations promised at the G8 summit yesterday to build a multibillion pounds “partnership” with the new democracies of the Arab Spring, but did not offer specific figures or commitments. MORE

Police ‘justified’ in hitting protester

Police officers were justified in pulling a protester from his wheelchair and “inadvertently” hitting him with a baton at the student-fees demonstrations, an inquiry has found.

Security forces kill at least four protesters

Violence engulfed the streets of several Syrian cities yesterday, when security forces opened fire on protesters calling for the ouster of President Bashar al- Assad, killing at least four. MORE

Model wins court battle with Ryanair

A former Miss World who sued Ryanair for defamation has been awarded 80,000 euros (£70,000). A jury ruled that a press release by the airline implied model Rosanna Davisonwas racist and xenophobic.

Winehouse at the Priory ahead of gigs

Amy Winehouse is being treated at the Priory Clinic and will remain there “on doctors’ advice”. A spokesman said the 27-year-old singer was having “treatment” ahead of a series of European gigs.

Facebook founder makes a killing

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has set himself the rather unusual challenge of attempting to spend an entire year only eating meat which he has killed himself. MORE

Utah allows use of gold and silver coins

Utah has passed a law allowing gold and silver coins to be used as legal tender. The move makes Utah the first US state to attempt to resurrect a monetary era which ended roughly a century ago.

Fowl play: 800 pheasants stolen

Burglars have stolen 800 pheasant chicks. The three-week-old birds need access to heat and there is concern for their welfare if they are not suitably cared for.