Page 3 Profile: Daniel Kawczynski, mp



Until recently he was known simply as the country’s tallest MP, but Daniel Kawczynski (6ft 8in) is also the first openly bisexual parliamentarian. The 41-year-old Tory (pictured in a charity race) revealed his sexuality – and that he had a male partner – at a meeting of his Shrewsbury constituency’s Conservative Party Association.

How did it go down?

He was given a standing ovation. “They have been very supportive and kind, which obviously I appreciate greatly,” the Polish-born politician said. “It is very important to show the youngsters that it is perfectly acceptable and normal to be open about your sexual preferences. I have always been with women. Now, I have met a guy.”

Is he a new bi-sexual icon?

Pleasing though the move may be to members of the LGBT community, there are elements of Kawczynki’s politics that are more typically Conservative. He is a leading member of the Christian-based, right-wing, Tory Cornerstone group and a practising Catholic. Both of which make him less likely to fully embrace the progressive agenda. He did, however, vote in favour of same sex marriage.

Why do I recognise him?

He appeared on Location, Location, Location with his then wife after being elected in 2005.