Page 3 Profile: Hope Powell, England Women Football Coach


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Leading our ladies to victory at Euro 2013?

Powell is seeking to avenge the 6-2 thrashing Germany doled out to England in the final of Euro 2009. Our campaign began with a tough fixture against Spain last night and on Monday we’ll be taking on the Russians. The smart money, though, is on either home favourites Sweden or holders Germany. Powell insists: “We’ve got as good a chance as anybody.”

It’s a bit pointless following it as it won’t be on TV.

Ah, but it will. The BBC is broadcasting all of England’s games on either BBC Two or Three, as well as both the semi-finals and final. Powell said the fact the women know they’ll be on TV could boost their morale. “I think they play better knowing there’s an audience, which will help them and help their performance.”

But they’re not as good as the men?

Powell, 46, begs to differ. “Absolutely, why not?” she said when asked if the women would beat the men’s team. “I think physically the guys are obviously a lot stronger, but if we took it on technical ability we’re as good as the men.” 

There’s still a long way to go, though.

It’s something that Powell, from Lewisham, acknowledges, but since she took over the women’s team in 1998 the sport has come on leaps and bounds. When she was a player, she had to sleep on a gym floor before international matches. Would Rooney, Lampard and Terry be prepared to do the same? I think we can safely say that’s a no.