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Where have I seen that  face before?

Patric was the vampire brother of tragic child star Corey Haim in The Lost Boys.

Ah yes. He was quite good in that. What happened next?

Sadly it went downhill. He starred in the ill-fated sequel to the blockbuster Speed. His performance in the legendary 2004 flop The Alamo, which grossed just $25m on a budget of $107m, is best forgotten. His scenes in the Oscar-winning The Thin Red Line ended up on the cutting room floor. And last year he was reportedly removed from the Civil War flick Copperhead at the director’s request.


But the 48-year-old is back and making a stir in California, where he argued for legislation that would allow sperm donors to take a larger role in their children’s lives.

Why’s he getting stuck in?

Patric conceived a child with his ex-girlfriend Danielle Schreiber through IVF. Though the couple were separated, Patric claims he participated out of affection for Ms Schreiber, and shares an emotional bond with their son, Gus, now three. Speaking on behalf of himself and other men in the same situation, he told the state’s Assembly Judiciary Committee: “We raised these children, we loved these children, but when these relationships fell apart we were shockingly hit with briefs that deemed us ‘sperm donors’ - a word that was never, ever mentioned in my house.”

Victory for sperm donors everywhere?

After Patric’s testimony, the Judiciary panel voted 5-2 to keep the bill allowing IVF donors to sue for parental rights in committee for further discussion. So yes, sort of.

What did the boy’s mother say?

Schreiber claims Patric agreed to be an anonymous donor. “He never changed a single diaper,” she said.