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Don’t I recognise that surname?

You betcha. You might know Elizabeth, or Liz as she’s better known, as the eldest daughter of former US Vice-President Dick Cheney, one of the most controversial figures in the governments of George W Bush between 2001 and 2009.

Is she the one who’s a lesbian and upset daddy over his views about gay marriage?

No, that’s her younger sister Mary. She got married last year, despite her father – one of the most right-wing figures in the traditional sections of the Republican party – being opposed to same-sex couples having the right to be wed.

Ok, so why are hearing about Liz now?

She has announced that she’ll stand for the Senate for the first time next year. She is currently an attorney and also works as an analyst and political commentator for Fox News.

So we could have a new political dynasty on our hands?

Indeed. By running for office in Washington DC, Liz is hoping to emulate the members of the Bush clan and of course the Kennedys – JFK, RFK and Ted –   who have followed previous generations into political office. Liz and husband Philip Perry have five children of their own, so she has plenty of her own potential successors too.

What are her policies?

There’s one major issue which sets Liz apart from three-term Senator Mike Enzi, the fellow Republican she hopes to oust – and that, predictably, is gay marriage. Liz has backed the right for states to legalise gay marriage, allowing more couples to do what her sister has done, since 2009. She’s also sharply criticised President Obama in a six-minute video issued this week to outline her agenda. She suggested he’s launched a “war” on freedom of speech, religious freedom and on Wyoming’s farming and energy industries.