Page 3 Profile: Melanie Phillips, saviour of the west


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Got something to say, has she?

Having written for the Guardian and New Statesman, the Daily Mail columnist is now a leading voice of social conservatism. It seems her swing from left to right may have a gone a little to her head. Not satisfied with a mere weekly column, she’s added a publishing arm to her digital media company to spread the word – particularly in the US. Alongside her memoir, readers can enjoy books espousing views similar to her own, which recently have included scepticism about Obama, civil partnerships and global warming.

There’s demand for this?

She seems to think so. In comments bordering on the messianic, she’s billing this as a way to transcend the ‘traditional media outlets’ she’s been using to connect with her ‘millions of followers’ to date. She is, after all, “widely regarded as an indispensable force for good in the battle to restore western civilization”. That’s with a z – she’s even adopted American spellings in her bid for US domination.

Melanie! Melanie!

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