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The Queen of Christmas television?

Producers seem to think so. The eagerly awaited third series of Miranda, her semi-autobiog-raphical comedy show, kicked off yesterday to the joy of many adoring fans. And they were also able to enjoy a special episode of the critically acclaimed Call the Midwife on Christmas Day. In it she plays the affecting Chummy Browne, a role which earned her a Bafta nomination.

She's doing alright for herself then.

And she can hardly believe it. Hart recently revealed that she doesn't "feel like a famous person". But there aren't many comedians who can hope for such success. After hitting the scene in 2006 in BBC sci-fi comedy Hyperdrive, her career has gone into orbit, complete with advertising contracts.

So what's next for her?

There's scope for fulfilling her long-term dream of starring in a West End play. Her ideal supporting cast would include the late Noël Coward and Julie Walters. Matthew Perry, of Friends fame, would star as her romantic interest.