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Another rant about the Falklands?

Barely a month goes by without the former Smiths frontman banging on about the Argentinian sovereignty of “Las Malvinas”, and his bizarre views (he recently claimed that Sir Paul McCartney should give back his knighthood because of the Royal Family’s “abysmal” treatment of animals) have turned the talented lyricist into something of a caricature.

But sadly, today’s news isn’t that he’s delighted us with another eccentric opinion. Instead, we have to report that he’s suffering severe health problems.

Oh. Can I backtrack?

The singer has pulled the remaining dates of his US tour, and the worrying extent of his condition became apparent in an interview with a Mexican radio station. The huge medical costs meant he was unable to secure insurance for the tour – not that it would be sensible to keep performing in any case. Some weeks ago, he was diagnosed with a bleeding ulcer and a condition called Barrett’s oesophagus, which can occasionally lead to cancer. He was then afflicted by pneumonia.

“I had a very bad time. I had internal bleeding and I was rushed into hospital and I lost a lot of blood,” he told Reactor 105.7. “And the double pneumonia, everything was a result of the fact that I lost so much blood, so the immune defences were very, very low.”

Taking some time off now?

Doctors had already warned him to cancel the tour, but he said: “It’s very ingrained within me and I know it’s the best of life when you tour and you make music and sing”. Now thankfully, he’s taking some time to rest. “I’ve seen doctors constantly and I’ve been on many IV drips for a long time,” he admitted, “so hopefully I will be saved from death.”