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Has he got a fight coming up?

Yes - but that's not why he's in the news. The former Olympic boxer, who is one of the top-ranked fighters in the world, has made history by being the first in the sport to come out as gay. He is currently ranked fourth in the WBO featherweight division and represented Puerto Rico in the Sydney Olympics.

Good for him!

He seems pleased about it too, describing himself as a "proud gay man" as he went public with his sexuality for the first time. "I want to be true to myself," said the 31-year-old, who said he hoped the announcement would make him the best role model he can be for children.

How has it been received?

Boxing historian Aris Pina said Cruz should be commended: "It takes a lot of courage to announce you're a proud openly gay Puerto Rican man, especially within the Latin community where men are very masculine, and within the homophobic world of boxing." Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas, the first openly gay pro-Rugby player, added: "It's great to see someone else doing it. I do believe we are coming to a point where professional sports people need not be afraid anymore."

Great, but when's his next fight…?

It's on 19 October against Jorge Pazos – don't miss it!