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The tennis star could have a rather frosty reception when she steps out on to the court at Wimbledon next week.

Famed for her no nonsense attitude, it’s her latest outburst that now threatens to overshadow her performance at the tournament.

The world No 1 was met by a furious backlash yesterday after her comments that the 16- year-old victim of a gang rape had been “lucky” and “shouldn’t have put herself in that position”.

Is it like her?

Serena is no stranger to controversy. Known for her fiery temperament, she hit the headlines in 2011 after she verbally abused a lineswoman at the US Open.

She was also criticised after she celebrated her Olympic gold medal winning victory at Wimbledon last year by performing the “Crip Walk” – made famous by gang members in California.

Now it’s her exploits off the court that have landed her in hot water. 

Has she apologised?

The shocking incident in Steubenville, Ohio, last year saw a schoolgirl become the victim of a brutal, public sex attack that made national headlines. Williams was forced to apologise after the comments, made in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, were criticised by many, including the president of the equal rights organisation

Williams, who was awarded the top seeding at Wimbledon on Wednesday, released a statement apologising for the controversial comments. “What was written - what I supposedly said - is insensitive and hurtful, and I by no means would say or insinuate that she was at all to blame,” she said.

Let’s all hope that Serena focuses on the tennis from now on.