Page 3 Profile: Shia LaBeouf, Hollywood Actor


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Has he given a criminal performance?

Quite possibly, but not in the sense of the quality of his acting. The Transformers star was arrested inside a theatre in New York on Thursday, local police have revealed – and he was later charged with criminal trespass, harassment and disorderly conduct during a performance of Cabaret.

What did he do to deserve that?

He was reported to be disturbing the show, smoking cigarettes inside the theatre, and swearing at members of the public. He was also said to have been grabbing other actors’ bottoms backstage and threatening the police who tried to restrain him.

He didn’t go quietly then?

Far from it. The 28-year-old refused to leave when asked to by security, and was eventually taken into custody in handcuffs.

Is trying to steal the show normal behaviour for him?

It’s not unheard of for the actor to behave in odd ways. Last year, following accusations that he had plagiarised work for his short film Howard, LaBeouf apologised to the graphic novelist who had complained in a series of ironically plagiarised tweets, hiring a skywriter to write “I Am Sorry Daniel Clowes”. Amusingly, he was also spotted walking around at both his Nymphomaniac premiere at the Berlin Film Festival and a Los Angeles gallery with a paper bag on his head that read “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE”, claiming it was a work of performance art. And in the past, he has also been charged with assault with a deadly weapon, trespassing – after breaking into a Walgreens shop – and arrested for drunk driving.