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Ah, everyone's favourite Malibu-dwelling Welshman. What has he done now?

He may have upset residents of his hometown of Port Talbot when he took US residency in 2000, but it looks as though Sir Anthony Hopkins is looking to make amends. According to reports yesterday, the Oscar-winning superstar breezed through the South Wales town in a chauffeur-driven car and pulled up outside his childhood home in the village of Margram.

How exciting! Did he get out?

Not only did Sir Anthony, 75, leave the car with his wife, niece and two bodyguards in tow – he went into his childhood home for a cup of tea at the behest of the present owner, Chris Trainor, who gave him a grand tour of the £180,000 home where Mr Trainor lives with his wife, and his daughter, Poppy.

Makes a change from his multimillion-pound Malibu home, no?

You'd think so, but apparently his wife of 10 years, Stella Arroyave, hinted that he might even like to buy the place. Mr Trainor, not one to miss an opportunity, says he would seriously consider an offer from the pair.

How sweet. Maybe he's yearning for home in his old age.

Exactly, particularly because they had just renewed their wedding vows in St David's Cathedral in Pembrokeshire.