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Is that wedding bells we hear?

Yes. Big, shiny, diamond-encrusted ones. Tamara Ecclestone is tying the knot. She’s reportedly splashed out £600,000 reserving all 73 rooms at one of the world’s most expensive hotels on the Cote d’Azur so that her 150 A-list guests, including the Duchess of York and Paris Hilton, can rub shoulders in uninterrupted luxury while Elton tinkles the ivories - a gig that’s said to have netted him a cool £1m plus expenses.

How does she usually fill her days?

She’s a very busy heiress, what with charity dinners, reality TV shows and launching her own cosmetics line. Saying she’s inspired by the success of F1-boss dad Bernie and Armani-model mum Slavica, she’s kept close links to the sport that feathered her nest, working on F1 magazine and presenting Sky Sports Italia’s racetrack coverage.

Aren’t we forgetting something?

Ah, the groom. Tamara got engaged to stockbroker Jay Rutland less than a month after they met. She’s had a bit of a bad run with men in the past, which may explain why Rutland has signed a “watertight” pre-nuptual agreement that means if they do split, he gets none of her family’s £2.5bn fortune.