The News Matrix: Monday 29 July 2013


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Testicular cancer is ‘almost cured’

Testicular cancer, the most common form of the disease in British men aged between 15 and 49, is almost “cured”, with 96 per cent of those diagnosed surviving. The figures from Cancer Research UK show a significant increase in survival rates since the 1970s. MORE

1,000 prisoners at large following riot

Some 1,000 prisoners remain on the loose in the eastern city of Benghazi after a prison riot. Officials said the Kuafiya prison on the outskirts of the city was attacked by locals, sparking a riot and a fire. Officials said that about 100 of the 1,117 fugitives had been recaptured.

Kew Gardens to find and save wild crops

Researchers at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew are leading a global project to track down and store wild relatives of common crops. The aim is to help breed hybrids with higher yields that could eventually be resistant to the effects of climate change. MORE

Lads’ mags urged  to cover up

The Co-operative has given publishers of lads’ magazines an ultimatum to cover them up in “modesty bags” or have them removed from its 4,000 stores. Titles such as Front, Loaded, Nuts and Zoo – known for their pictures of scantily clad models – have until 9 September to comply. MORE

Train crash toll rises after woman’s death

The death toll from Spain’s train crash has risen to 79. Spanish national broadcaster RTVE said the person was an American woman. Driver Francisco Jose Garzon Amo (left) faced court yesterday. MORE

Freed prisoners set up Palestine talks

Israel has agreed to the release of more than 100 Palestinian prisoners in an effort to begin peace talks. Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, said: “It is not easy, especially for the families... But there are moments in which tough decisions must be made for the good of the country and this is one of those moments.” The two sides are due to meet for talks tomorrow. MORE

Callow to explore anti-Semitic Wagner

Actor Simon Callow who will explore the life of the 19th-century German composer Richard Wagner in his latest one-man show, says he has grown to like the musician, despite his ‘toxic’ anti-Semitic views. Inside Wagner’s Head was commissioned to mark the 200th anniversary of the composer’s birth. MORE

Boy, 16, killed at festival bull-run

A 16-year-old boy has been gored to death at a running-of-the-bulls festival celebrating the patron saint of a Spanish town. The youth was gored while celebrating Saturday’s Apostle James feast at Isso, 200 miles south-east of Madrid. A police spokesman said he died after two operations failed to repair liver injuries.

Weiner campaign manager resigns

The campaign manager for New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has quit in the wake of revelations of the former congressman’s phone-sex life. Danny Kedam, 31, quit the role over the weekend after Weiner’s popularity slumped. MORE

‘Bishops’ Den’ to run in Truro

A Diocese of Truro “Bishops’ Den”, inspired by Dragons’ Den, will award grants of between £5,000 and £100,000 to groups with ideas to engage communities.

Stamp of approval

Isle of Man Post Office will mark the birth of Prince George with stamps of William and Kate.

What a fling

Ben Hammond, 34, arrived in Land’s End on Saturday after dancing in a tutu all the way from John O’Groats.