The Word On... Antony & the Johnsons, the new album

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"This is a clear shift in style from the melodramatic torch songs of 'I Am a Bird Now' to a more soothing, intricately arranged sound, featuring richly textured orchestral arrangements." - Chris White,

"It's a confident step forward and outwards from his first two albums, in a good old-fashioned 'difficult third album' kind of way. The changes are both obvious and subtle, taking their time to have their full effect. His songcraft, for one, has improved exponentially." - Nick Butler,

"Initially sullen, the epic "Daylight and the Sun" quickly emerges from its funk; strings swell into a consideration of the (metaphorical) joy of sun and the pain that comes with a lack of light. Here, as throughout the record, immediate pain takes a back seat to pining. Even in the depths, his heart remains full of hope derived from the memory of what was and will (or could) be again. Early albums revelled in angst, but 'The Crying Light' is a tangible step toward real emotional recovery." - Andy Phillips,

"This album may have taken an age, but here, Antony proves he was well worth waiting on." - Billy Hamilton,