Indyplus exclusive interview: That Puppet Game Show's Dougie Colon


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Q&A with That Puppet Games Show host Dougie Colon (pronounced Cologne)

How did you get the presenting gig on the show?

I was helping out with the Miss Britain contest and Udders McGhee was one of the judges. We had a little chat and he decided to give me my big shot at fame.

What did you learn from your years as a warm up act for Ant and Dec?

Keep the crowd happy. They’ll let you know if they’re not. Get on, be funny, then get off the stage.

You’re known for putting your foot in your mouth with celebrity guests. Will you be doing that on the show?

Celebrities always get an easy ride on these shows but I treat ‘em like people who come round your house. If they’re rubbish, I let ‘em know. I tell it how it is. I come from the real world. I’m not pandering to these celebrities.

People say Vernon Kay has been ripping off your act – do you have a professional rivalry?

No, he’s a lovely fellow. It’s just that we’re from the same town. People say we look alike but I’ve got a massive yellow head like a car sponge with teeth. He’s a good looking guy.

Have you asked Kermit the Frog for advice before your Saturday night debut?

Not yet. I’m a huge fan of Kermit and the Muppets family. But they’re over in Hollywood now doing their thing and we’re doing ours over here.