A pound a film day

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Sunday, 15th June sees the repeat of last year's hugely successful National Cinema Day. For just pounds 1, you can see any film in any one of the UK's 742 cinemas.

Inaugurated to celebrate the first 100 years of commercial cinema, National Cinema Day is also a celebration of the UK's growing appetite for a night out at the movies. Last year, over 10 per cent of the 123 million people who visited the cinema in the UK did so on National Cinema day. This Sunday, the organisers expect thousands of cars to go unwashed and lawns unmown as an anticipated 1.5 million cinema-goers spend the day in front of over 2,000 screens.

In selected cinemas, you'll be able to see Michelle Pfeiffer (above), George Clooney, Leonardo de Caprio, Julie Walters and many others in special previews of their latest films. Budding film-makers can start catching up on Martin Scorsese, who saw The Big Sleep over 400 times at his local cinema. At the very least, you can put Quentin Crisp's axiom to the test that "any movie, even the worst, is better than real life".