Choose Virgin Media for the UK's best broadband and digital TV


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Virgin Media is one of the leading suppliers of broadband Internet and digital television in the United Kingdom, with around five million customers. The company is known for providing good value for money and impressive technology.

Broadband from Virgin Media is popular because of its reputation for high speed Internet access. They use innovative technology to offer their customers fibre optic broadband, which increases the speed of downloading websites and files from the Internet. To achieve this they use fibre optic cables to transfer data between computers.

According to an article by Simplify Digital in 2012, “fibre optic broadband is the future of high-speed Internet” and “a massive leap in the evolution of how we get online.” The most common type of broadband in the United Kingdom is ADSL, where average speeds are around 24Mbps, which is less than a quarter as fast as the speed provided by fibre optic broadband, which often reaches 100Mbps.

Computer scientists are also working to increase the speed of fibre optic broadband, and it has been predicted that it may be able to transfer data at three times that speed by the end of this year. An increased speed of broadband means you will be able to download music, television shows, movies and photos at lightning speeds. Fibre optic broadband is also much more capable of withstanding multiple users, so it’s ideal for a shared house or a family where mum, dad and kids all love to get online.

Virgin Media proudly call themselves “the UK’s No 1” broadband provider following Ofcom’s 2012 report which said that they have “ the fastest average broadband download speeds widely available to customers.” They also claim to have no caps or hidden charges, so unlike some other providers their unlimited Internet truly is unlimited as promised.

Virgin Media also pride themselves on providing good value for money, thanks to the package deals they offer, known as Collections, find out more at, where customers can get their broadband, digital television and phone line all from Virgin Media. In addition, they offer special deals such as free Internet for six months with a phone line rental, or a cheap money-saving broadband deal if you’re on a budget and don’t require a phone line.

If it’s digital TV you’re after, Virgin Media also have a lot to offer. You may think that in order to receive digital TV you’ll have to erect an ugly satellite dish on top of your house. With digital TV from Virgin Media  this is not the case. Once again, Virgin Media use those nifty fibre optic cables, along with a set top box similar to that used for Freeview, to provide digital TV channels to their customers.

Virgin Media have chosen the most popular TV channels to offer for their customers, including stations such as Sky Movies, ESPN and the Discovery Channel, which are not accessible through a regular Freeview box. There are a variety of packages available so you can tailor the channels you receive to your personal interests and, of course, your budget.

Virgin Media like to keep up with the trends in television, including the increasingly popular TV On Demand phenomenon. Rather than worry about setting your TV to record a show while you’re out or watching another channel, you can simply choose to watch the programme later as you would on iPlayer or 4OD. The difference is, you can watch it in full quality on your TV screen, in the comfort of your living room.

Virgin Media customers can also watch TV shows on their computer, iPod, tablet or mobile phone wherever they are in the world with exclusive access to the Virgin TV Anywhere app. In addition to accessing a wide range of TV shows and video content, you can manage your recorded programmes and control your TiVo box from the app. Put simply, you will never miss your favourite show again!