Take a Seat With: Fiona Gall

From her workshop in East London – armed with a brazing torch, Fiona weaves her magic with fire, glass, lights and hand-crafted bespoke lighting and fine jewellery

In this video, we take a seat with Emerald Faerie founder Fiona Gall.

London based, Fiona, is a contemporary lighting designer that founded her company in 1999. 

She named her lighting and chandelier design studio Emerald Faerie after celebrating the solar eclipse with friends over a bottle of Absinthe in Cornwall.

Her childhood fascination with Victoriana, nature illustrations, Arthur Rackham's children's book drawings and rare finds from jumble and car boot sales have shaped the Emerald Faerie brand.

In adulthood, Fiona's love of illustration and "magpie-like delight in trash", led her to study Art and Design and then onto Hereford where she took a degree in Design Craft.

Working with wire and glass, Fiona started creating dramatic forms inspired by nature, constructing magical but practical lighting designs.

The overall design ethos of Emerald Faerie takes inspiration from periods that epitomised glamour and opulence. The brand started with a bespoke service for clients that want large-scale, one-off installations for their homes as well as smaller, handcrafted lighting pieces.

Fiona said: "Lighting is magical. You can transform space with lighting."

Fiona's studio is in Bow, East London. An appointment is necessary to visit where the magic happens.

Fiona Gall - Emerald Faerie, Bow Arts Trust, Unit DG, 183 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ

Take a Seat With was filmed in Sofa Workshop, 84 Tottenham Court Road, London, W1T 4TG.