Exclusive Robert Webb video


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The Independent has exclusive to ‘Peep Show’’s Robert Webb in a spin-off video from the new advertising campaign. The role of the eccentric Maurice Wigglethorpe-Throom is reminiscent of the absurd sketches created by David Mitchell and Robert Webb in their first major collaboration ‘The Mitchell and Webb Situation’.


Webb uses his distinctly weird humour, combined some memorable old-fashioned phrases and outlandish metaphors to recommend shopping around on credit card comparison website comparethemarket.com,before getting a credit card.

In this outtake, the peculiar CEO berates his submissive assistant Spencer whose performance pulls at all the heart strings. It is hard not to laugh though when Webb scolds his butler for an allegorical mistake: “Shame on you Spencer, you’ve let down everyone who ever lived”.

Using facial hair to demonstrate the benefits of finding a credit card with the lowest interest rate can’t be standard industry practice, but it is easy to understand why Webb was chosen for this role. Not many actors could describe an increase in credit card interest as a “great big hairy what-not or a gentleman’s unmentionable” and get away with it.