“You gotta have a lot of lipstick on when you kiss the boys!”

Whether you want to learn how to do a smokey eye or contouring, there’s an abundance of YouTube tutorials from beauty vloggers on-hand to help at the click of a mouse. 

But one vlogger is making a name for herself in a sea of increasingly similar young women: Grandma Lill.

The glamorous grandmother of YouTuber Kevin Droniak, Grandma Lill - who always has perfectly painted nails and is dripping in jewellery - is taking the world by storm.

Despite not being an actual beauty guru (“Where is the lipliner? Is this the lipliner? I did it already. I put it on my eyebrows,” she laughs), Grandma Lill has amassed a dedicated and growing band of followers who love her hilarious videos.

She imparts her tips and tricks (always dab on your foundation, ladies), tries out the latest products and shares her wisdom: “You gotta have a lot of lipstick on when you kiss the boys!”

In her tutorials, we see Grandma Lill trying to get to grip with false eyelashes and drawing on her eyebrows: “Eyebrows on fleek,” she says, before admitting “I don’t know what that’s all about!” 

Grandma Lill’s fans love her non-nonsense, sassy nature: “I get people noticing me all the time in the store. The guys are going ‘Who the heck is that lady?’” she reveals.


tried this stuff and it was ok i guess go watch me its the new video

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And in an age where the majority of beauty bloggers seem to advocate using 25 different makeup products before leaving the house, Grandma Lill’s approach is refreshing: “Don’t put too much makeup on, you don’t need it. Your skin’s gotta breathe,” she advises.

Teenage Kevin and Grandma Lill are set to join the elusive new band of celebrity influencers - not only do they have over 540,000 subscribers on YouTube but Grandma Lill has over 52,000 followers on Instagram too.

Her makeup tutorials are certainly like no one else’s.