Dressing table: High-tech creams

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1. Nano Gold Energising Cream

Formulated from silk microfibres coated in 24-carat gold, this lavish cream promotes collagen production.

£350, Chantecaille, spacenk.co.uk

2. Crème Irido-Radiante

A moisturiser using hyaluronic acid, a rare Hawaiian algae and boasting medical-grade active ingredients.

£110, Apot.Care, apotcare.com

3. Supreme Wrinkle Solution Cream

This gentle product will relax and soften your skin to slow down the natural development of expression lines.

£95, Carita Paris, 020-7313 8780

4. Cell Dynamic Stimulation Moisturiser SP20

As well as providing sun protection, this product is anti-aging, re-hydrating and works well as a make-up base.

£135, NuBo, Fenwicks, fenwicks.co.uk

5. Anti-aging Treatment Cream

Formulated with 68 per cent clinically active ingredients, this moisturiser has a cult following.

£225, M Lab, harrods.com

6. Sirtuin Phytohormone Replenishing Cream

Designed to re-hydrate, reduce sagging and replenish phytohormones with the natural ingredient of wild yam.

£40, Ren, spacenk.co.uk