Oh, we do love to hate the Geldof sisters, don't we? Getting it in the neck this month is Pixie (that's the younger one, in case you're wondering, with the shorter hair and slightly less propensity for saying mind-bogglingly stupid things), whose fashion sense has offended a few corners of the style press already this year.

Pixie was admittedly spotted out earlier this month wearing an, er, eclectic array of garments. Teaming a chunky woollen hat with red lace tights, a leopard-print coat and a tartan bag, it did look a teeny bit as though her outfit had been randomly generated by a computer program.

Of course, in the cold depths of winter, wearing the entire contents of one's wardrobe is tempting. But given the scant thermal benefits of lace tights, this doesn't seem to have been a consideration. Perhaps Ms Geldof was simply doing some early channelling of the trend that will surely be the easiest to embrace this season: mad woman dressing. All about clashing colours, textures and styles, the idea is to look a bit like your mind wasn't in the room when you got dressed.

Now it's officially endorsed by Marni, Dolce & Gabbana and Louis Vuitton, we no longer need feel ashamed of our brazen disregard for standard style rules. In stark contrast to this season's pristine minimalist looks, this is about piling on the prints, mixing up your palette and topping it off with a few crazy accessories.

But do be careful: nailing this look is tricky – just how mad is too mad? Judge by others' reactions: when people start avoiding sitting near you on the bus you'll know you've gone too far. Or, worse, when they start asking if you're Pixie Geldof.