Concentrated foot bath soak <p>Excellent pre-pedi softener</p> <p>£11.95, Mavala, tel: 01732 459 412</p>


Beauty, like fashion, is still a seasonal business. Both operate on a calendar that assumes summer equals six months of solid sunshine. So the dust has barely settled on the Christmas gifts than we're exhorted to start madly buffing our body parts in anticipation.

This isn't as bonkers as it seems. For if cruddy, indecisive weather adds anything to our national character, it's our refusal to accept it. Hence you will find yourself at a drizzly June wedding clad – like everyone else there, all of whom saw a weather forecast – in summer dress and sandals. Turning up in something appropriately wintry would be bad form.

For this reason, your feet need to be in decent shape by this point in the year. Because whether it's blazing sunshine or pouring rain (or, most maddeningly, something in between), you'll have no choice but to break them out of the winter boots.