Lucza: Comfort never looked so chic

With luxurious fabrics, timeless designs and elegant prints, Lucza is upping the loungewear stakes. By Emma Akbareian

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Lounging around the house and doing very little is, understandably, a favourite way to relax for many. But wearing something slightly more put together, though no less comfortable, than ancient pyjamas or  holey sweats can ensure that one feels languid rather than lazy.

Lucza is just one of a growing number  of labels that exist to enable those who  want to enjoy relaxing at home with some semblance of style to do so effortlessly.

A thriving business, the success of Lucza can be attributed to the key features of  its designs – wearability, luxury and  comfort – all of which mean the pieces  are both sensible and timeless.

Karen Scofield, who launched Lucza in 2011, explains the brand’s ethos: “Comfort and a chic design go hand-in-hand, in my opinion. You are not comfortable unless you look great, so the design must be sophisticated and smart but, of course,  a flattering, comfortable cut. Unique, high-quality fabrics are key.”

This season sees a first for the brand: a new holiday capsule collection which marks a graduation from day-to-day basics to statement pieces to be seen in.

Print, for which Lucza has delved into the Liberty archives, forms the basis of the range. Three patterns are showcased: Liberty Lord Paisley, which is an ornate design from the Fifties; Liberty Lodden, which originally appeared in 1884; and the late 19th-century peacock design Liberty Hera.

Key to the collection is the use of Tana Lawn, a fabric introduced into Liberty just after the First World War. This  lightweight cotton has a fine thread count making it ideal for use in summer clothing. Cut into maxi-dresses,  kaftans and tunics, the collection is given  a Bohemian vibe which chimes perfectly with the Seventies mood of the season.