Occupation: Jewellery designer
Age: 26
Personal style: Urban Heathcliff

James Sherwood: I admire a man who can wear a cape with integrity. Yours is splendid. It has a slight Austrian feel to it – as if you're about to go wild-boar hunting.

Yunus Ascott: It's actually from a car-boot sale in Kilburn – though I've always felt it has an Austrian feel. As it happens, it has seen a bit of boar-chasing, but I won't go into that.

JS: Spoilsport. Do you work outside London? Those shoes suggest a country lifestyle.

YA: Our studio is in London but I confess to being a bit of a nomad.

JS: By "our", you mean you and your creative partner Eliza?

YA: Yes, we've been making commissioned jewellery, specialising in silverware, for years. Setting up our company, Yunus-Eliza, has been a labour of love from start to finish.

JS: The ring you're wearing is more like a finger gauntlet than a ring. It's also the only jewellery you're wearing. Is more than one piece excessive on a man?

YA: Yes, a statement piece such as this needs the room to speak for itself. This is Poseidon; he's amazing company.

JS: Your silk scarf is very dashing.

YA: Thanks. I love the colours. It's from India, a gift from a friend.

JS: Is bespoke jewellery increasing in popularity?

YA: Yes. I went to a Steiner school, where a huge emphasis is placed on individuality and developing your own sense of identity. Bespoke lets the designer become an artist.

JS: Silverwork seemed to be unfashionable for years, but it's having a revival, isn't it?

YA: Perhaps, but what about Georg Jensen? For me, silver is the most pleasurable metal to work with. It's very responsive.

JS: I'd say you're the Heathcliff de nos jours – an urban Heathcliff. Would you say that's an accurate assessment?

YA: I have to confess I have no idea what you're talking about, but Eliza thinks that you're spot-on.


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