Shoes £150; bag £70

We can never have too many shoes and bags – and thanks to a new arrival in Britain, there are great new designs to choose from, says Emma Akbareian

Every season Spanish brand Hoss Intropia chooses an intriguing woman to be the face of its brand – a roster that has included Helena Christensen, Carmen Kass and Naomie Harris. The latest addition to that impressive line-up is Quentin Jones, the illustrator and film-maker who has set the fashion world aglow with her work.

The British high street has long been known as one of the best in the world, and rightly so as it boasts an enviable range of stores and brands with clothes to suit every taste and pocket. That isn’t to say that a thing or two can’t be learnt from its international neighbours, and accessories label Mascotte is one such tip.

Though new to these shores with a just-opened store in Westfield London, Mascotte is already a familiar name overseas with 140 stores spanning countries including Russia and Australia. The footwear and accessories brand is nestled comfortably at the premium end of high street prices. That mid-range price point is part of Mascotte’s appeal – reflecting the craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into every collection produced by the brand.

For spring/summer, inspiration comes from confectionery, with strawberry red sandals, rose petal pink sling-back heels and fruity yellow handbags offering calorie-free indulgence.

Later in the season, a more design-led approach takes hold with futuristic shapes and patterns. The devil is in the detail with many of Mascotte’s creations – from intricate laser-cut leather to bold pattern detailing on heels.  There’s no need to leave long-suffering partners behind in your shoe shopping endeavours, because Mascotte has ample offerings for men too. 

This season is also about adding an element of fun to otherwise more austere looks; for instance, the seriousness of a tweed jacket can be lifted with a pair of bright yellow desert boots or patterned brogues. 

Mascotte, Westfield London, London W12,

Mascotte is offering 20 per cent off purchases for  shoppers visiting the new store, until 21 April.