The hair/glasses

Gemma Hayward: Round sunglasses, peroxide hair, stuffy top-knot… she's got the pop-star signature look covered. How very un-original.

Hugh Montgomery: Oh dear, as Cowell would say, you did not make this look your own, Perrie. And no, do not Just Dance, you are most certainly not on the Edge of Glory…

The shorts

Gemma: She should have followed the washing instructions on those fishnets; they've shrunk as small as shorts.

Hugh: When future generations reflect on the year 2012, they will primarily ask, "Why the fishnet Spanx?"

The top

Gemma: I'm certain that no one over the age of seven should wear superhero branding, not even pop stars and not even in an "ironic" way.

Hugh: I mean, really: not a single stylist has thought to inform her of Batman's devalued cultural currency vis-à-vis The Dark Knight's reactionary political undertones?

The boots

Gemma: The boots are fine in theory, but worn without tights, they give the unfortunate appearance of cankles.

Hugh: Glad to see our Little Mixer chunking up and jumping aboard the 1990s revival. It's totally En Vogue. Or is that Salt-n-Pepa?