Style Shrinks: Our experts analyse Christina Ricci's Goth cheerleader outfit


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The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: My, hasn't she grown! With this sleek hair and glossy make-up she's actually starting to look like an adult. Is that a hint of a tan I see, too?

Hugh Montgomery: Forget Che Guevara T-shirts: truly there is no greater symbol of counterculture decline than Wednesday Addams with the hair of a Saturday.

The bag

Gemma: Most. Boring. Bag. Ever.

Hugh: And duly it hangs limply from her arm, as unloved as yesterday lunch's used Tupperware.

The dress

Gemma: Shame she's not dressing like an adult, though… Put your midriff away, love – you'll get a chill on your kidneys.

Hugh: Now this is more like it: the costume from an imaginary Goth cheerleading romcom that would have masterfully elided The Craft with Bring it On.

The shoes

Gemma: At just over 5ft, Ms Ricci could do with a little help in the height department, but these are grim.

Hugh: These heels' cartoonish contours lead us to believe they may have been CGI'd in after. Which is one way to keep the legacy of Pan-Am going.