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Style shrinks: Our experts analyse electro-pop star Jessie Ware's chevrons


The hair/make-up

Gemma Hayward: With eyelashes so fluffy that they look like feathers and big matte pillow-like lips, Jessie's is a beauty look to covet.

Hugh Montgomery: Soft hair, strong lippy: now there's a martial-arts epic waiting to happen.

The accessories

Gemma: She has a lot of metal about her body, and while I don't have a problem with piercings, I'm dead against mismatched earrings. It makes your face look wonky.

Hugh: Ware has yet to be seen without a pair of large hoop earrings. Or in the same room as Sade. Coincidence?

The dress

Gemma: She looks like a giant remote control in this monochrome dress. I'm not sure whether she's fast-forwarding or rewinding, though?

Hugh: We mean only nice things when we say that this has proven inspirational vis-à-vis our current quilting quandary.

The shoes

Gemma: She's gone snakeskin for her feet, a very fashionable choice. She's kept with the remote-control theme, too, with play buttons on her toes.

Hugh: Lovely – though they'd undoubtedly look even more so set against some nice marble flooring.