French hip-hop-loving hippie: Millie Mackintosh / Rex Features


The accessories

Gemma Hayward: That black fedora really suits her, but it doesn't mix well with the hippie necklaces and bling watch.

Hugh Montgomery: A natty fedora and some faux-ethnic jewellery? Mackintosh is obviously prepping her Glasto outfit so she can get on with the serious business of how to work the Chic/Portishead clash.

The outfit

Gemma: A bit French hip-hop-loving hippie, via the King's Road. Millie has tried really hard to be fashionable here, but the effect is that she looks like she's emerged from an over-styled ad campaign.

Hugh: A stripey tee and denim hot pants is just the positive mental ensemble that we've used to get through this eternal winter, too.

The bag

Gemma: A good minimalist white satchel; shame she didn't apply the same aesthetic to the rest of her outfit. Repeat after me, Millie: less is more.

Hugh: The cute bag of an ordinary girl just hanging… Hold on a second. This is for her style blog? Is anything real? Is she actually made in Chorley?

The boots

Gemma: I love the colour of these vintage-looking pixie boots. They sit perfectly with the Breton top and chic hat – it's just a shame about the rest of it.

Hugh: These boots are from IRO and IMHO, IANAE on this one.