The 10 Best colognes

Refreshing and energising, a splash of these unisex scents will leave you fresh, fragrant and ready to go

1. Eau Dynamisante

£29 for 100ml, Clarins

In the late 1980s there wasn't a fashion follower who didn't carry this in their handbags – and many of us still do. It's also moisturising.

2. 4711 Original Eau de Cologne

£17 for 100ml, 4711

Created in 1792 and reportedly Napoleon's fragrance of choice, 4711 is still among the finest of the splash-it-all-over-style colognes.

3. Santa Maria Novella Eau de Cologne

£75 for 100ml, Santa Maria Novella, 020 7460 6600

White flowers, spice and, of course, citrus notes combine in this timelessly beautiful cologne.

4. Infusion d'Iris

£45 for 50ml, Prada,

Italian mandarin, Tunisian neroli, cedar and Florentine iris feature in this cologne which evokes the smell of linen drying in the sunshine.

5. Water Calligraphy

£145 for 50ml, By Killian,

Grapefruit zest and reseda blossom come together in this citrus-based scent, part of a series called "Asian Tales" courtesy of Kilian Hennessy.

6. Eau de Cologne

£105 for 75ml, Chanel,

There's just a hint of herb and spice in this cologne, inspired by Mlle's own, and created by Chanel master perfumer Jacques Polge.

7. Eau de Cologne, Citrico

£32 for 125ml, Comme des Garçons,

This delivers a refreshing and energising aroma in spades - as a cologne quite rightly should.

8. Eau de Cologne Imperiale

£60 for 100ml, Guerlain,

Legend has it that this cologne was created in 1853 for Empress Eugénie, wife of Napoleon III. It's light and invigorating.

9. Cologne Bigarade

£100 for 100ml spray, Frederic Malle,

Created by perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena for Editions de Parfums Frederic Malle, this wonderful scent is available in two strengths.

10. Neroli Portofino

£135 for 50ml, Tom Ford,

Of course, Tom Ford knows a thing or two about cologne and this much-loved fragrance in no way disappoints.