Jennifer Aniston launches fragrance July 21, changes name last minute

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Actress Jennifer Aniston's first fragrance, which launches July 21 at British department store Harrods, will simply be called Jennifer Aniston, not Lolavie as previously publicized.

Fans, who have been gearing up for the meet-and-greet with the star, could not be any more confused, after multiple names including Aniston, Lola Vie, or even Lovavie, were previously circulated, before Lolavie was communicated as the official name of the scent and printed on the campaign and flacon pictures.

There is no official word on the reasons for the change, but respected fragrance blog The Scented Salamander writes that "we can only speculate that the fragrance marketing teams decided the idea of the name was cute but would be constant fodder for psychoanalysts, bloggers and tabloids. In the UK, the latter are famously fierce. They would have probably gone digging in her trash bins to see if they could dig out a reasonable explanation for the name Lolavie."

A new picture of the flask, sent out by the Harrods press office, doesn't carry any name at all. Aniston can only hope that her new ad photos, showing her topless, will give her the publicity she needs to make up for the confusion and for the British tabloids' scorn, as seen here in the July 19 edition of the Daily Mail.

The fragrance launch and meet-and-greet takes place from 10am. Aniston's fragrance will be followed by her famous colleagues' August releases, including Kate Moss's Vintage Muse, Halle Berry's Reveal,and Antonio Banderas's The Secret.