The London label and  the animal rights organisation have produced a new line of t-shirts and jumpers for the cause

Peta is known for its outspoken animal rights campaigns. Its collaboration with slogan t-shirt brand Black Score combines the label's humour with the Petacause.

Black Score made its name last year when it produced a range of 'Queen Delevingne t-shirts" which were worn by the model (Cara Delevingne) and her showbiz pals.

The new Peta collection is made up of 10 t-shirts and jumpers all featuring hand-drawn illustrations in support of Peta.

The range features slogans such as "your killer look ain't worth dying for" and "every fur coat is second hand". Plus illustrations including a t-shirt with the image of a lizard accompanied by the caption "I ain't your purse b*tch."

Simeon Farrar who designed the collection said: "I'm really excited to be collaborating with Peta. They are so passionate and proactive in the crusade against animal cruelty. Black Score is often raising the middle finger for the animal kingdom so to do it in support of a charity like Peta is a true honour.”


The t-shirts are priced at £30 and the sweatshirts at £60, with all proceeds being donated to Peta,